From East Bay Pesticide Alert's Max Ventura
510-895-2312 2399, E. 14th St. #24, San Leandro, CA 94577

KERN COUNTY 2/13/01 661-868---6300 fax: 661-868-6301
1001 South Mt. Vernon Ave., Bakersfield 93307

I spoke with Deputy Commissioner, Jack Marks

Ag. Comm. is Ted Davis

M: I heard spraying will be done any time in Kern Cty. Re: the GWSS

J: It's wet-no spraying at the moment. There's the General Beale Rd. Pilot Project plan in Ag. areas to try to come up with control. We'll be using Baythroid; Lorsban; Pyrin (he didn't know active ingredient when I asked. I found out later it's another pyrethrin-based insecticide); Admire. And IPM is being considered on citrus as well.

There's a Kern-Tulare GWSS Task Force. It meets sometimes, when we need it.

M: When did you in Kern County become aware of the GWSS?

J: About 3 years ago.

M: When was infestation called?

J: Infestation was called, I assume, last year, when state decided on what was an infestation.

-He thinks workplan is approved-not official yet.
-I asked for a copy; he told me I can get it from CDFA.
-He pointed out that they are working with the USDA and CDFA.