From East Bay Pesticide Alert's Max Ventura
510-895-2312 2399, E. 14th St. #24, San Leandro, CA 94577

BUTTE COUNTY 2/15/01 530-538-7381 (closed 12-1 p.m.) fax: 530-538-7594
316 Nelson Ave., Oroville 95965

I spoke with Ag. Commissioner, Richard Price

Asst. Ag. Comm. is Louis Mendoza

I asked about spraying done last year and plans relating to the GWSS program.

R: In Butte County we ask people to fill out a Request for Information form.

M: I just want to find out what you did last year and what your plans are in relation to the GWSS.

R: We just did a simple Carbaryl application late in the season right before the weather changed. We were the last ones. No residential… just commercial. No Ag. We sprayed one small piece of a public park and two storage areas. Also a mall and retail stores. In Butte we request questions in writing. I'll be happy to send you a form.

-I also requested a copy of the workplan. He said to include that on request form. I gave him address info.

(Max's note: consider the chilling effect of this action. These requests for info have been used actively in Sonoma County to make it extremely difficult for people to gain access to public info such as pesticide use reports or even pesticide applicators' yearly permits. People have NOT gone to get information for fear that giving all their info could result in harassment from grape growers. People routinely turned to me for info and when I didn't have it asked me whether I would get it for them for this reason.)