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We've gotten to experience the importance of providing honest information about the dangers of the chemicals about to be sprayed in a neighborhood as part of the CDFA mandatory Glassy-winged Sharpshooter pesticide sprayings, and the importance of doing health surveying after sprayings.

As a result, we see the importance of a statewide Rapid Response Team ready to get willing people out to local or faraway corners of the state as we hear of mandatory sprayings planned as a result of an "infestation" being named in a county.

Unfunded, we count on people to cover their own costs, or get their communities of friends and families to help unless we get donations specifically to aid in covering others' RRT costs. Main costs expected would be gas, food and water for the road, and quite possibly, the cost of copying information to be given out. As much as possible we would be trying to hook you up with activists as near as possible for overnight stays but if no contacts in an area or nearby, then your motel costs.

The payoff? Knowing you are doing something necessary and ethical in the face of an unethical program which endangers everyone, and threatens to undermine the organics industry in California, where the majority of the 2% of U.S. agriculture which is organic is grown. This, in fact, threatens the whole U.S. organics industry.

Please respond to beneficialbug@netzero.net with answers to as many of the following questions as you wish.


How far are you willing to travel?

Do you have a car and can you offer to use it?

Minimum notice you'd need to be able to travel out of the area?

How many days might you be able to manage as part of such a team?

Are you able to cover above costs? In case of motel, probably able to share motel room to keep costs down, if that is personally acceptable.

Do you know anyone you think might be willing to be part of such a team? (If so, please forward this info)

Are you able to provide money? Just copying costs can really add up. Knowledge is power and your 20 bucks pays for a good stack of copies of crucial info. Are you willing to cover phone bills, or a phone bill, as the more calls to ag. commissioners statewide possible, the better, to keep up on their plans and to watchdog.

Can you help fund plan to get all 58 counties' GWSS spray plan workplans so we can be comparing them, county by county?

Call to find out about how to donate to defray costs.

Do you have access to free copying?

Do you have unused stamps sitting around? (Maybe you have stacks of 33's with which you don't want to bother?)