© 2001 Dan Mattson.

© 2001 Dan Mattson.
A healthy organic vineyard on the left and the more typical, sterile, conventional industrial vineyard on the right.



    Pesticide-spraying airplane hits the road



Chemicals being sprayed and spreading for great distances (up to 24 miles on a calm day).





Residential backyards being invaded by pesticide drift from vineyard across the road.


Typical tractor application drift.

Grapevines in newer fields are planted so close together they look like they are choking.



Deformed frog, Schellville, Los Carneros Appellation,
Sonoma Valley, California

Zoomed-in shot


Photo taken from farther away

Most spraying is done at night. Here, bright lights reveal the size of the "fountain"



The huge spray of pesticide being rotated in a wide circle (drift travels far away).


Weeks of diarrhea after exposure to spray


... and bloody noses



...swollen eyes, open sores on tender skin

NOTES:: 10/31/01 Photos of kids removed due to a court order secured by their dad. Who continues to take them back to their old neighborhood, one of Sonoma Valley's more significant cancer clusters, even though the mom had worked for years and years to get the kids out of there, gravely concerned for their health. Even as he sought the court order, the dad had still not read even one of the many toxicological profiles the mom had presented him over the years they lived together in Wine Country as well as after they had parted, profiles detailing the toxic effects of the very pesticides being used in their neighborhood: carcinogens, neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters. All in all, over 35 pesticides being used in their neighborhood, including: Carbaryl, 2,4-D, Paraquat, Aluminum Phosphide, Mancozeb, Simazine, Atrazine, Diuron, Oxyfluorfen, Myclobutanil, Glyphosate and POEA, Strychnine, and Nemacur. The dad just kept telling the mom, "I don't have cancer; there's no problem out there." Unfortunately, this kind of attitude and response has led to many family breakups in the Wine Country and other California Ag. areas.

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