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East Bay Pesticide Alert does not compromise around health

Reporting Exposures:

Hi groups, some good advice passed on. Also I would add, File a pesticide
poisoning complaint every time with the department of Agriculture, the more
complaints the better, it doesn't matter if you have proof or have gone to
the doctor. Save your clothes in a plastic bag for residue level testing,
figure out how to take air, soil or other monitoring.

EI's try to get parts per trillion monitoring. Try to get 5 people who got
sick at the same time to file a complaint, which here in California will
result in a priority one investigation. Do breathing test at beach or other
clean air spot and one after pesticides. I have a portable hospital grade
spirometer. Let me know, I'm collecting incidents. Know the pesticides and
ask for the MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet in advance. Know the symptoms of
pesticide poisoning, don't worry if it's a huge exposure or just a whiff in
the air, no one has the right to hurt you or trespass chemicals on your
yard, except our grim reaper governor.

Linda J. McElver
Canaries Foundation, Inc.